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Yardenit, also recognized as the Yardenit Baptismal Site, is a place of Christian pilgrimage situated along the Jordan River in the Galilee region of northern Israel. It is located to the south of the river’s exit from the Sea of Galilee, in proximity to Kibbutz Kvutzat Kinneret, which owns and oversees the site.

Christian tradition holds that the baptism of Jesus transpired in Bethany Beyond the Jordan (Al-Maghtas), situated north of the Dead Sea and to the east of Jericho. Al-Maghtas has been historically significant for pilgrims as a primary baptism site, surrounded by monasteries and guest houses. Notably, it exhibits early religious structures linked to baptism or sacred baths.

After the Six-Day War, Israel assumed control over the western bank of the Jordan River, encompassing the area directly facing the Jordanian site known as Qasr al-Yahud. Yet, due to military operations and excavations in that section of the West Bank, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism established Yardenit in 1981 as an alternate pilgrimage site. Yardenit holds the distinction of being the initial regulated baptism site in Israel.

Subsequently, Yardenit has attracted pilgrims, prompting the construction of a visitor center to enhance the experience for visitors.

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