Wood carver’s house “Jūras”

Wood carver’s house “Jūras”

When driving on the road, it is impossible to pass by this house. All that is visible from the road are carved small houses.
On the territory of a private house, the owner arranged a fairy tale in reality.

For the last 20 years , the owner has been building houses day after day , cutting pictures on them . Almost every house has a holy image. The owner also built 2 small churches on the site, one for his granddaughter and the other for visitors. Inside the church, he asks to write a few kind words in the book.

The owner is an interesting person and is happy to conduct a tour and tells in detail about each of his creations.

Admission is for donation.

The host asks him to coordinate the time of the visit in advance, but we were lucky and we were accepted.

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