The ruins of Lielvarde Castle

The ruins of Lielvarde Castle

Lilevarde Castle was originally owned by Bishop Albert. As mentioned in the chronicles, the fortress was built around 1248. Later, in 1318 and 1359, the fortress was taken from the archbishop by the troops of the order. In 1361, the fortress was looted by the Lithuanians. And after a while, the fortress was laid to the order by the archbishop for unknown reasons . Then the owners of the fortress were constantly replaced by Swedes, Poles , Russians, and residents of Riga. At the beginning of the 18th century, there was a garden with a two-story gazebo in the shape of a tower-it was used as a tea house. To this day, there are only ruins of one and a half floors. But now the castle has a garden with wooden sculptures and a stunning view of the river from the castle.

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