St. Nicholas Church, Kotor

St. Nicholas Church, Kotor

Previously, there was a Benedictine church on this site, but in the 19th century, the church was hit by lightning and it completely burned down. A decree was immediately issued that the city needs an Orthodox church, but it should not be architecturally different from other buildings in Kotor. The new Church was built for about 7 years and was consecrated in 1909. Since then, services have been held regularly in the temple. The temple with two facade bell towers is made in the Byzantine style.

Unique things are stored in the church of St. Nicholas :

  • old archive of the burned-down church
  •  old clothes of the clergy
  •  iconostasis with a height of 3 (!) meters
  •  icon “Troeruchitsa”
  • image of St. Nicholas in the form of a mosaic above the entrance.


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