Smiltene Stonehenge

Smiltene Stonehenge

This object is not an official tourist attraction in the city of Smiltene. People called this place Stonehenge. Indeed, it is very similar to the famous Stonehenge.Let’s try to figure out what was there and what attracts people so much.

History of this place.

In fact, this place was once a state farm technical school. Unfortunately, in the 90s there was a fire, and all that remains we see now.There is no exact information about the building.

Why does this place attract people?

Our advice is to come to this place in the summer, because here, according to the inhabitants of Smiltene, the most beautiful sunsets. You can’t drive up to the Stonehenge itself, you have to leave the car on the side of the road. But you absolutely will not regret walking along the cornflower field.

You can meet a beautiful sunset and enjoy the cornflowers.

This place will also appeal to people who are fond of FPV flights, as you can make beautiful and unusual shots.

The way to this place from Riga will take 2 hours.

After seeing this place, you can go to the Teperis Lake.

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