Malpils Manor

Malpils Manor

The estate was built back in 1760 . In 1905, riots broke out on the territory of Latvia throughout the country and the estate was burned, as well as many estates. At that time, the owner of the estate was Alexander von Grote. To restore the estate, he called the famous architect Wilhelm Boxlaf. The construction was completed in 1911 and the estate has remained in this form to this day.

In the 18th century, the construction work of the park was started here. Walking paths, a bridge of Love and picturesque ponds were built.

Nowadays, there is a four-storey luxury hotel with 24 rooms in the Malpils estate. There is also a restaurant and a banquet hall.

A walk through the park and grounds costs 1 euro per person, for 2 euros you can explore the estate from the inside.

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