Kanieris Lake

Kanieris Lake

The lake is one of the natural treasure of Latvia. Translated from Latvian-Goose Lake, which is confirmed by the road sign “Beware of geese on the road”.

Lake Kanieris is located on the territory of the Kemeri National Park . There are about 14 islands and 247 species of birds living here, by the way, there are 342 species of birds in Latvia. The lake itself is very overgrown and shallow, in 1964 an ornithological reserve was founded here , and in 1989 the lake was included in the list of important bird sites throughout Europe. For those who want to watch birds, a small observation tower has been built – while we were on it, we saw a white heron. Be sure to walk through the lake on a specially built wooden pontoon path , you will enjoy walk.

On one of the shores of the lake there is a boat base and picnic areas , you can spend a whole day on vacation on this lake and then settle on the shore and have a delicious snack.

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