Čumil (Man at work)

Čumil (Man at work)

One of the famous sculptures in Bratislava is a metal statue depicting a plumber peeking out of a sewer manhole and observing passersby at road level. According to the creator, the sculpture does not symbolize anything and was created solely to enliven the view of the old town. The sculpture has become beloved by both the locals and visitors. In 1999, a semblance of a road sign and a plaque saying “MAN AT WORK” were installed near the sculpture. This was done after several instances of the sculpture being damaged in road accidents. The sign warns tourists and drivers that pedestrian traffic is allowed.

Statue of Čumil: A Historical Attraction in Slovakia

In the Old Town of Bratislava, at the intersection of Laurinská, Panská, and Rybárska brána streets, you can find an interesting metal statue created by sculptor Viktor Hulík. This bronze figure depicts a plumber peeking out of an open sewer manhole and observing passersby from road level.

The sculpture, known as “Čumil,” was installed as part of the Bratislava city center reconstruction project on July 26, 1997. It has become one of the most popular photo spots in the capital of Slovakia.

“The opening of the sculpture took place during an event called ‘Korzo party,’ which was attended by the President of Slovakia, Michal Kováč, and around 30,000 people,” says the author of the sculpture, Viktor Hulík.

Hulík claims that “Čumil” doesn’t symbolize anything specific and isn’t associated with any historical events. It was created solely to bring life to the Old Town and add an extra element of interest.

The “Čumil” monument inspires numerous stories and anecdotes. Some describe the presumed biography of its prototype, while others claim that rubbing the sculpture’s head brings good luck and happiness.

Despite some foreign media mistakenly referring to the sculpture as a soldier and assuming a military helmet on its head, in reality, “Čumil” depicts a curious Bratislava resident.

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