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📍 Brod Moravice, HR
  • Feels like 10.7°C
  • Humidity 💧 81%
  • Clouds 98%
  • Wind 🍃 1.41 km/h
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The webcam offers a live broadcast from the Kolpa River, which is the border between Slovenia and Croatia, coming from the Risnjak National Park in Croatia.

The Kolpa River attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists, representing the main water flow in the Kocevsko region.

Its total length is 292 km and it is of high hydrological, zoological and ecosystem importance. Since 2010 it has been awarded the title of “European Direction of Excellence”. In the upper reaches, near Osilnica, the river meanders between steep cliffs, and beyond Fara it makes its way through densely wooded slopes.

In summer, the Kolpa River is popular for swimming due to its clear and warm water, and also attracts rafters and canoeists with its rapids. It is also famous among fishermen due to the wealth of different species of fish that inhabit its waters. Oxygen enrichment of water creates favorable conditions for many species of fish, such as salmon and carp.

Guchen hunting is popular in winter, and throughout the year you can enjoy fishing for brown trout and grayling. Fishermen can also hope to catch barbel, chub and abdomen. In addition to fishing, the Kolpa River offers unique opportunities to enjoy unspoiled nature throughout the year.

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