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📍 Sokcho, KR
☁ 12.11°C
  • Feels like 11.86°C
  • Humidity 💧 95%
  • Clouds ☁ 100%
  • Wind 🍃 2.18 km/h
  • ☁
  • 🌦
  • 🌦

Take in the stunning views of the famous Sokcho Beach, located on the northeast coast of South Korea in Gangwon Province, with this live HD webcam, a breathtaking natural gem that attracts tourists and locals alike.

Sokcho Beach delights with its picturesque location, soft sandy shores and clear waters of the East Sea. It is a place of serenity where visitors can relax, sunbathe and leisurely stroll along the promenade. This tranquil retreat offers the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The beach area, conveniently located on the map below, is lined with seafood restaurants and street vendors offering fresh local cuisine. Be sure to visit the bustling Sokcho Seafood Market to enjoy regional culinary delights.

In addition to the beach, Sokcho has the beautiful lakes Yeongrangho and Cheonchoho, created by the nature of the East Sea. But one of the city’s real gems is Seoraksan National Park, a paradise for nature lovers and tourists. The park’s mountainous terrain, dense forests and towering peaks provide a stunning backdrop for a secluded beach holiday, offering a unique blend of natural beauty.

Sokcho Beach is not just a place to visit; It’s an experience that captures the natural beauty and cultural charm of South Korea’s east coast, making it a must-do for any traveler looking for a peaceful getaway in the Gangwon region.

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