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📍 Hamilton, BM
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Hamilton Harbor is a natural harbor in Bermuda that acts as a port for the capital city of Hamilton.

This harbor is a bay within the Big Sound, forming a narrow water corridor between Paget County and the peninsula on which the capital of Bermuda is located.

Harbor access is well protected by a chain of islands including Hinson, Marshall, Long and Hawkins, as well as the Salt Kettle Peninsula.

There is another island within the harbor known as White’s Island.

At the eastern end of the harbor is a small cove surrounded by mangrove trees, which is used to moor small pleasure craft.

The name Hamilton Harbor comes from the city of Hamilton, which was named after the governor of Bermuda at its founding in 1793, Sir Henry Hamilton.

This harbor was previously known as Paget Port, named after Paget parish to the south. The name of the parish, in turn, was given in honor of William Paget, 4th Baron Paget de Beaudesert.

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