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Mount Krim, standing at an elevation of 1107 meters, graces the southern fringe of the Ljubljana Marsh in Slovenia. Recognized for its distinctive location and shape, it stands as one of the most prominent landmarks in the Ljubljana Basin, attracting thousands of tourists annually. In the 1970s, the Yugoslav People’s Army restricted public access to the peak and established a radio center.

Explore Mount Krim through the webcam near Ljubljana, Slovenia, offering a view towards Grosuplje.

Since 1991, the summit has once again been accessible to visitors, and a small mountain house is also present here.

Historical records first mention Mount Krim in 1689 as Khorim and Korin, with the name Kurin appearing in 1726. The name originates from the passive present participle *kurimъ, meaning “smoking,” alluding to the clouds that frequently shroud the peak.

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