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📍 Kobarid, SI
🌦 11.42°C
  • Feels like 10.5°C
  • Humidity 💧 72%
  • Clouds 99%
  • Wind 🍃 0.95 km/h
  • 🌦
  • Fri
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Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Kobarid, Slovenia, using a webcam that broadcasts in real time all the delights of this amazing village, which is also the administrative center of the municipality of Kobarid.

Kobarid is famous for its historical significance associated with the Battle of Caporetto in 1917, which Ernest Hemingway wrote so vividly about in his novel A Farewell to Arms. This battle is carefully covered in a museum located in the center of Kobarid, which was awarded a prestigious Council of Europe prize in 1993.

Historical evidence mentions Kobarid as early as the 12th century, and its Slovenian name comes from an Old Friulian word and is associated with the local surrounding landscape. The city is also known by different names in different languages, such as Chaure in Friulian, Carfright in German and Caporetto in Italian.

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