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📍 Matsue, JP
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One of the city’s greatest landmarks, Matsue Castle, seen on the webcam, attracts attention with its historical significance and majestic appearance.

This ancient castle, built in 1611, remains one of the few medieval fortresses in Japan that has retained its original architecture and can now be watched live.

Known as “Black Castle” because of its black coloring, and also known as “Plover Castle” because of its curved roof, reminiscent of the plant’s wingspan.

The castle is surrounded by winding canals and a magnificent historical park, where the history museum is located. Interestingly, this museum was originally intended to be a guest residence for Emperor Meiji, but his plans changed and the building was turned into a European-style museum.

The castle and its surroundings have inspired many, including the Irish writer Lafcadio Hearne, who described them admiringly in his works. The park around the castle, strewn with cherry blossom meadows, becomes a place for picnics and relaxation for townspeople during the cherry blossom season. In autumn, an exhibition-competition of chrysanthemums is held in the clearing in front of the castle, and at different times of the year, samurai parades and other cultural events take place, giving the city a special flavor and picturesqueness.

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