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Podgórze is a region in Krakow encompassing the western part of the current District XIII. It was formerly an independent city, granted city rights on February 26, 1784. On July 1, 1915, it merged with Krakow and became its twenty-second cadastral district. It is often referred to as “Stary Podgórze” or “Old Podgórze.”

Podgórze was granted city rights in 1784, incorporated into Krakow in 1810, reestablished as an independent city with city rights in 1815, and merged with Krakow again in 1915.

In 1994, Podgórze, along with Stary Miasto, Wawel, Stradom, Piasek, Kazimierz, and Nowy Świat, was designated as a Monument of History.

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