Higher Town, Isles Of Scilly Live cam

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Higher Town is a large settlement on the eastern part of the island of St. Martin, which is part of the Isles of Scilly, owned by England. This community is inland, while the more modern of the island’s two jetties, known as the Upper City Waterfront, is located south of Higher Town.

In Higher Town you can find places like St Martin’s Bakery, the island’s main store, and the only post office.

Both churches on the island are in Upper Town: the parish church of St Martin’s Anglican Church and the Methodist chapel, one of two on Scilly, built around 1845. The island’s fire department and coast guard are also close to the parish church.

The highest point in Hayer Town is next to the post office and is 32 meters above sea level.

The island of St. Agnes also has a small settlement called Upper Town, and a pub called “Turk’s Head” is located between Upper Town and the island’s waterfront in Port Conger.

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