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📍 Sama, NO
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  • Humidity 💧 87%
  • Clouds 17%
  • Wind 🍃 1.25 km/h
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Harstad is the second most populated municipality in the county of Troms and Finnmark in Norway. Its territory is mainly occupied by the large island of Hinnøya. The main seat of the municipality is the city of Harstad, which is also the most populated city in Central Hologaland and the third largest in Northern Norway.

This city was registered in 1904. The municipality includes such settlements as Elgsnes, Fauskevog, Gausvik, Grotaver, Kasfjord, Lundenes, Nærgården and Servika.

The municipality, with an area of 445 square kilometers, ranks 226th among the 356 municipalities in Norway in terms of area and 49th in terms of population with 24,903 inhabitants. The population density is 57.9 people per square kilometer, and in the 10 years to 2023, the population grew by 2.5%.


Despite its northern location relative to the Arctic Circle, Harstad can experience either a subarctic climate with dry summers or a rare Mediterranean climate with cool summers, depending on whether the 0°C or -3°C isotherm is used.

Harstad has relatively mild, wet winters and cool, dry summers. The city is free from the harsh winters found in most places north of the Arctic Circle, as it is protected by mountains to the west from Atlantic storms and to the east by the Scandinavian mountains.

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