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The village of Geiranger is a small village with no more than 300 permanent residents. The locals live exclusively on tourism . And it is not surprising because in the summer the number of residents of the village increases no less than 7 times.

Geiranger Fjord is visited not only by ships of the local shipping company, but also by at least 100 tourist cruise liners annually.

The village seems to be created for lovers of the so-called natural recreation, here you can take a walk on kayaks and boats, make hiking trips with unforgettable views. Often on hikes, you can go to mountain farms ( often abandoned).

For fishing enthusiasts, this is a paradise. You can fish here all year round ( it is better to get acquainted with the rules of fishing in Norway in advance, you may need a license) — here you can catch such fish as catfish , cod , saida and mackerel.

Here are three of the most significant sights

Flidalsuve observation deck — upon arrival, you will see the landscape many times from this observation deck , it is one of the business cards. The site is located at an altitude of 300 meters directly above the village. From here you will see a village with a bay surrounded by mountain peaks.

Eagle Road is a section of the route with a length of 8 km that rises up in a steep serpentine, on the road there are 11 sharp turns . Eagle Road is open even in winter and its highest point is at an altitude of 620 meters above sea level. At this height there is an observation deck from which you can see the waterfall “Seven Sisters” and if it is not foggy you can see Mountain Dalsnibba.

Dalsnibba is also considered an iconic landmark of Geiranger , but it should be noted that it makes sense to go up there only in clear weather — in foggy times you will not see anything. The observation deck on the mountain is located at an altitude of 1476 meters , from this height you can see the incredibly beautiful Norwegian Fjords.

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