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Welcome to the live broadcast from a cozy place located on the edge of the forest.

Don’t forget that you always have the option to rewind the video 12 hours ago and see what happened earlier.

Here you can watch a variety of European wintering birds such as blue tit, bullfinch, blackbird, great tit, nuthatch, European tufted tit, marsh tit, jay, great spotted woodpecker, European red-breasted, siskin, long-tailed tit, finch, coal tit , jerboa, chaffinch, black cap, song thrush, common starling, demoiselle crow, dunlin, garden warbler, common pheasant, wood pigeon. Also appearing are squirrels and mice, families of foxes and badgers, martens and weasels, and often at night or early in the morning deer and their young come for breakfast. The surrounding areas are home to long-eared owls, kestrels and tawny owls, as well as bats. A cascade of running water makes for wonderful bird baths.

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