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Live cam on Castelluccio village

Castelluccio, nestled in Umbria amidst the Apennine Mountains of central Italy, is a village administratively categorized as a frazione of the town of Norcia, located approximately 28 km away. According to the 2001 census, Castelluccio was home to nearly 150 inhabitants.

Sitting at an elevation of 1452 m, this village claims the title of the highest settlement in the Apennines. Positioned adjacent to the Monti Sibillini National Park, it graces the “Great Plain” (Piano Grande – 1270 m).

The Piano Grande, comprising mainly impermeable sediments, serves as a catchment for rain and meltwater. The verdant channels guide water toward sinkholes, known as ponors, forming part of the underground karstic drainage system. Should the karst drainage face obstruction, the water accumulates, temporarily transforming the plain into a lake.

The village’s origins trace back to the 13th century or even slightly earlier, although the area had prior settlements dating back to Roman times.

Castelluccio endured significant hardship due to seismic events in Central Italy during 2016 and 2017, resulting in the destruction of approximately 60% of the town. This calamity forced a complete evacuation of the inhabitants and led to the closure of all access routes, whether by road or offroad.

Some roads were set for partial reopening by July 2017. By 2018, the village became accessible once again, featuring temporary structures housing various establishments like bars and shops.

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