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Key Garden Bay is located in the Virgin Islands . The islands were discovered by Columbus during his famous voyage to the shores of the New World. There is no reliable information in honor of what the islands were named after, presumably in honor of St. Ursula and her 1 thousand virgins.

History of the Islands

The islands were rapidly populated by the inhabitants of present-day Britain and are now considered one of the largest and most authoritarian offshore centers. The islands are famous not only for banking but also for tourism, comfortable shores , green hills and a wonderful climate. The abundance of well-protected harbors that were once havens for pirates has now become a popular destination for beach lovers. The Virgin Islands themselves are a chain of more than 60 islands.

Key Garden Bay is located on the island of Tortola . There are many attractions on the island. In the center of the city there is a 4-acre botanical garden, an abundance of native and imported plants , a pond with several types of water lilies, an aviary for birds and even a small waterfall.

Not far from the capital of Tortola , Rod Town is a famous distillery-considered one of the best rum producers in the region. There are guided tours followed by tasting of the national drink.

For cultural enthusiasts, you can visit the Josias Bay sugar Cane Plantation. Of course, sugar cane is not grown here today, but here you can get acquainted with the life of planters and their workers. The manor house and outbuildings are preserved here .In the recreated interiors, you can fully immerse yourself in that historical era.

Interesting facts about the Virgin Islands

  • The local currency is the dollar
  • It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world
  • More than 700 thousand companies are registered on the islands
  • There is no industry on the islands
  • No more than 150 thousand inhabitants live on all the islands

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