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A webcam that allows you to admire one of the most important sights of Bucharest – the Fountain.

With approximately 4,500 elements, the fountain system in Bucharest is amazingly flexible and able to tell stories, inspire viewers with an impressive range of water, light and sound effects.

The applied technology provides the ability to control each of the 44 fountains to create a combined effect on the entire system, as well as introduce new sequences as needed. The forward-looking installation ensures that the system will never again experience destruction and will not require a major maintenance similar to the one carried out in 2018 for a long time.


The history of Unirii Square in Bucharest includes two key periods aimed at its modernization and transformation into not only a popular meeting place for citizens, but also the most significant landmark of the city.

Until the middle of the 1980s, this square served as a modest central meeting point for indoor food markets. In the desire to turn it into a true symbol, it was decided to expand the square, build an impressive central fountain and add 44 fountains along Unirii Boulevard.

This concept justified itself, but over time the system began to degrade: by 2018 there was almost no water left, and some elements were completely out of order.

In 2018, the architects decided to restore the fountain complex in its original style and at the same time upgrade it to the highest quality standard in Europe using the latest equipment and technology.

Their goal was to return the square to its claimed place as a key attraction point, as it was conceived back in the 1980s. It was quite easy to revive the area of 16,200 m² – there was no shortage of ideas.

However, the limited time before the planned opening put OASE in front of a difficult test: only three months for the production process and two months for the installation of all components.

OASE used high-quality animation so that the project representatives could appreciate the complex show with impressive water, audio and video effects, even before the concept was put into practice.

After the concept was approved, architects and museographers began to preserve the mosaic fountain in the center of the main pool and sculpture. The rapid transition from planning to implementation required intense work and collaboration.

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