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📍 Bridgnorth, GB
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Bridgenorth Railway Station is a stop on the historic Severn Valley Railway line serving the town of Bridgnorth in Shropshire, England.

Webcam at Bridgnorth Railway Station

Currently, it is the northern terminus of the SVR and the main machine shop is located here. In addition, it offers amenities such as a gift shop, a station buffet and a licensed buffet.

The original Bridgnorth station was not the northern terminus of the railway. Instead it functioned as the main intermediate station on the Severn Valley Line, located 18 + 1/4 miles from Hartlebury and 22 + 1/2 miles from Shrewsbury. The station opened its doors to the public on February 1, 1862, marking a significant event celebrated throughout the city.

Originally owned by SVR, the station eventually became the property of Great Western Railway (GWR) and then British Railways in 1948. After serving passengers for 101 years, it ceased passenger service on September 9, 1963, and ceased freight service on November 30, 1963.

This neo-Jacobean station has the distinction of being the only listed station on the Severn Valley Railway. It is currently undergoing restoration work under the guidance of a dedicated team of volunteers.

The licensed refreshment room, now known as the Railwayman’s Arms, is located on platform 1. It originally opened in 1861 and has continued to operate ever since, with SVR undertaking an expansion. Due to its unique charm and enduring popularity, it is currently undergoing further expansion.

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