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📍 Bethlehem, PS
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Bethlehem is a city located in the West Bank, under the administrative and military authority of the Palestinian National Authority.

It serves as the capital of the Palestinian province of Bethlehem and holds significant historical and religious importance, making it a focal point for pilgrimage and tourism. Situated just 10 kilometers to the south of Jerusalem, it shares a border with the latter.

The city covers an area of 5.4 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 24,949 residents.

Historical records suggest that Bethlehem was first mentioned in the Amarna archive (1350-1330 BC) when it was under the control of the Canaanites.

In the Old Testament’s first book of Kings, Bethlehem is identified as the birthplace and anointing site of King David, earning it the designation “the city of David.”

According to the Gospel accounts, Bethlehem is renowned as the birthplace of Jesus Christ, endowing it with profound significance among Christians, ranking as the second holiest city after Jerusalem in their faith.

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