Alishan Eryanping Trail Live cam

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📍 Chiayi City, TW
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Now you can watch all these natural beauties in real time through a webcam. The trail, which was previously a chasm between Xidingshan and Eryanpingshan Mountains, was created by mountain residents, and its entrance is located at the 52.8 km mark of Provincial Highway 18. The entrance is equipped with an observation deck. The original length of the trail was approximately 1,150 meters and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete the round trip.

The newly widened trail is now a wooden boardwalk built at the end of the old trail near the pavilion. Along the way you will encounter a bamboo forest, amazing rock formations and tea gardens. It offers views of the Jiatainan Plain, Renyitang Dam and Lantang Reservoir.

In clear weather, you can also see Dongsha and the outer part of Budai Harbour. In the east you can see the Yushan mountain ranges in the distance. In winter, there is a chance to see falling clouds and a sea of clouds. The beautiful sunset attracts many photographers who come here specifically to take pictures.

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