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📍 Sneek, NL
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The East Gate in the city of Delft is an example of Northern European Brick Gothic architecture, which was built around 1400 inside the city’s fortifications.

Around 1510, the gate towers were modernized with an additional octagonal storey and tall spiers. It is currently the only surviving city gate in Delft, as the others were destroyed in the 19th century.

This gate now functions as an art gallery and is also used as a private residence.

In the 1960s, extensive restoration work was carried out on this site, as a result of which it was completely restored, taking into account its historical value, and converted into living space, including studio apartments. Subsequently, it was also used as an art gallery.

Despite its historical importance, this gate is not open to the public and can only be seen from the outside as it serves as the home of the lucky ones who have the privilege of living in this exciting and unique piece of history. However, if you visit “Huis Ten Bosch” in Japan (an amusement park that mimics a Dutch village), you can see a replica of this gate and visit it.

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