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Vodice, situated in Northern Dalmatia, Croatia, belongs to the Sibenik-Knin County and graces the Adriatic Sea coast. Its population was recorded as 6,116 people in 2001.

Positioned 12 kilometers northwest of the provincial capital, Sibenik, Vodice boasts an old town nestled on a peninsula. The rest of the city extends along the sea in a narrow strip, adorned with beaches, a pine park, and promenades. The Adriatic Highway traverses the city, and it is well-connected via regular bus services to major cities across Croatia.

The city derives its name from the abundant clean water springs in the vicinity, honoring the word “water.”

Notably, Vodice is in proximity to Krka National Park and Vransko Lake Nature Park, encompassing Croatia’s largest lake.

Vodice stands as one of Croatia’s prominent tourist hubs, flaunting well-developed infrastructure. Its first historical mention dates back to the year 1402.

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