Beskucha Palace

Beskucha Palace

In old Kotor, every street and every square is an architectural monument. Walking along the narrow street connecting the square of Weapons with the square of Flour, pay attention to the four-story building. This is the Beskuch Palace. The architectural design of the palace is quite simple, built of hewn stones of Korcula with a small number of decorative elements.

The most remarkable decoration is the portal above the entrance door. The portal is made in the Gothic style and represents the coat of arms of the Bizanti family. It is not known for sure how the coat of arms of the Bizanti family got to the Beskuchi palace , there is an assumption that the Beskuchi built their palace on the site of the destroyed buildings of the Bizanti family.

Despite the fact that the portal is partially destroyed, yet individual elements on it can be clearly seen and admired to imagine how it looked originally.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Beskuchey dynasty gradually and the palace became the property of the municipality of Kotor.


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