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This live camera situated at Dársena Voga Marine provides a clear view of the channel entrance to Saco da Ribeira, a picturesque neighborhood nestled along the captivating coastline of Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil (Brasil).

Saco da Ribeira is positioned on the South Atlantic Ocean, ranking 227th out of 228 beaches in the São Paulo region and located approximately 154.3 km away from the city center of Sao Paulo. It is one of the beaches in the Ubatuba settlement, merely 8.7 km from its center. Situated amidst mountains in an urban area, this beach features natural shade provided by trees.

With its short straight coastline, turquoise waters, and bright sand, Saco da Ribeira requires no special footwear, and its smooth water entry makes it suitable for various visitors, including solo travelers and those seeking a relaxing getaway. It remains a less crowded destination, even during the peak season.

The Saco da Ribeira coast is open to everyone and offers amenities such as a beach restaurant and toilets.

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