Pinamar Beach


Pinamar, AR
  • Feels like 15.57°
  • Humidity 70%
  • Clouds 4%
  • Wind 6.4 km/h
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This webcam is aimed at the magnificent Pinamar beach (Playa de Pinamar) in the Argentine resort town of Pinamar, on the Atlantic coast.

The Webcamalso shows a section of the Avenida del Mar seaside road and the green area around the Rotunda-Bunge y El Mar roundabout, where the observation deck is located. Pinamar is known not only for its beaches, but also for its exquisite architecture and the pine forests that surround the town.

As a holiday destination, you’ll find plenty of accommodation and entertainment options!

Pinamar is located in the province of Buenos Aires, approximately 340 kilometers from the capital of Argentina.

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