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Get to know the Passage du Gois paved tidal road via our live webcam! This is the road that crosses the Bay of Bourneuf on the coast of France.

Until the construction of the bridge in 1971, the Passage du Goix was the only route of communication between the island of Noirmoutier in the Vendée department and the mainland. It is now recognized as a national treasure and is of historical and geographical value.

Most of the time the road is flooded to a depth of 1.5 to 4 meters. You can drive along it only twice a day, during low tide. In good weather, the safe time for movement is one and a half hours before the maximum low tide and the same after, but in bad weather this interval may be reduced.

The first mention of the Passage du Gois dates back to the beginning of the 9th century. It is of strategic importance and is associated with the monastery of Saint-Philibert on the island, which suffered from Norman raids.

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