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The webcam is installed on the National Elevator Tower, previously known as the Express Elevator Tower. This elevator test tower was built by the Express Lift Company, a division of the General Electric Company (GEC). Its location is on Weedon Road in Northampton, England.

The building was commissioned in 1978, construction began in 1980, and the official opening took place on November 12, 1982 under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II. Since 1997 it has been listed as a Grade II listed building.

The National Lift Tower, 127.5 meters high and with a diameter ranging from 14.6 meters at the base to 8.5 meters at the top, was designed by architect Maurice Walton of Stimpson Walton Bond. It is the only lift testing tower in the UK and one of only two of its kind in Europe.

On 30 October 1997 it was awarded Grade II listed building status, making it the youngest listed building in the UK at the time. The building’s design features small round windows that were inspired by the design of Express Lift’s elevator control panels.

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