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Using a live webcam, you can watch in real time Liushishi Mountain, one of the three key sites for growing long yellow daylily and one of the best places to watch the flowers from August to September every year.

Located in the east of Zhutian Village, near Fuli Township, Liushishi Mountain is part of a coastal mountain range that rises 800 meters above sea level. Traveling along winding mountain paths, you will see beautiful landscapes with farmhouses, and among the golden fields of daylilies, a pavilion will open before you, like a painting embodying the beauty of the countryside.

Local residents say that even during the Japanese colonization, the yield of each rice field, measured in Jia units, was about 40-50 dan (an ancient unit of measurement equivalent to 1 hectare). However, the fields in the area yielded a harvest of 60 dans, leading to the name Liushishi Mountain (Sixty dans).

There is also an alternative version, according to which, during Japanese colonization, a forest of camphor trees grew in this area, which was cut down for the production of camphor. Subsequently, people discovered 60 large stones on the top of the hill, which was the origin of the name Mount Liushishi (Sixty Stones).

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