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Webcam on Independence Square in Kyiv

Independence Square is the central space of Kyiv, bounded by Khreshchatyk, Borisa Grinchenko, Sofievskaya, Malaya Zhitomirskaya, Mikhailovskaya, Kostelnaya, Institutskaya, Arkhitektora Gorodetskyi streets and Taras Shevchenko Lane.

Until the 10th century, this area, where Maidan is now located, was known as Perevishche or Goat Swamp, which was a swampy area. Under the reign of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, city fortifications were expanded here, including ramparts, walls and ditches of the city of Yaroslav, which crossed the future square.

Where Sofiyivska Street begins in our time, there were the Lyadsky Gates, which served as the entrance to the upper city. During the siege of Kyiv in 1240, it was in this part, located below, that the Mongols were able to break through the fortifications of the city of Yaroslav and enter Kyiv.

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