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Using a live webcam, you can watch in real time the Hualian Bridge, which stretches over the Hualien River, located in eastern Taiwan.

The Hualien River is a key river in Hualien County and one of the region’s main waterways. It originates from the Guangfu Stream, the source of which is located on Mount Bazi, with the most distant source being the Wanli Stream, which is the longest tributary of the river. The source of the river is Wanli Pond on the southern slope of Mount Baishi in the Central Mountains.

The main flow of the Hualien River is 57.28 km long, and the total length of the river system is 81 km. The drainage area of this river is 1507.09 square kilometers, and its main tributaries include the Papaya, Shufeng, Wanli, Matayan, Guangfu streams and others. The river flows northeast along the longitudinal Huadong Valley, emptying into the Pacific Ocean at the Hualien Mountains at the northern end of the Coast Mountains. Its average slope is 1:285. Along its route, there are bridges such as Jianying Bridge and Zhongxing Bridge in the middle section, and Mizhang and Yuemei Bridges in the lower section. The river opens to the sea near the Hualian Bridge.

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