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This live webcam shows the magnificent scenery of Haven-Oudeschild harbor, which is located in the attractive town of Oudeschild on the island of Texel in North Holland, the Netherlands.

The harbor is a hub of activity for fishing boats and maritime activities, creating an atmosphere filled with activity and opportunities to experience the island’s maritime trade and tourism. This modern harbor and marina accommodates both large and small boats and offers all amenities, including the Havenzicht Hotel’s restaurant, which has a 4K camera view.

Surrounded by picturesque landscapes and cozy streets, the Oudeschild promenade exudes an atmosphere of maritime charm: narrow streets, historical buildings and cozy cafes create a unique atmosphere.

Texel, the largest and westernmost of the Frisian islands in the Wadden Sea, is renowned for its natural beauty, sandy beaches and varied wildlife. Here, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking and bird watching, and explore attractions such as the Museum of Marine and Beach Artifacts (Kaap Skil Museum) and the Seal Rehabilitation Centre.

Access to the island is provided by ferries from the mainland, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a relaxing holiday surrounded by stunning scenery.

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