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📍 Venice, IT
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Ponte delle Guglie, one of Venice’s bridges, crosses the Cannaregio Canal.

This bridge is the only one in Venice, made of stone and decorated with obelisks (guglie) at the corners. Back in 1285, a wooden bridge was erected on this site, which in 1580 was replaced with a stone structure. In 1777 the current bridge was erected. It is in the San Jeremia area, close to the train station and the point where the Cannaregio Canal joins the Grand Canal.

In 1823, the bridge was reconstructed, and then at its corners appeared spiral obelisks, known as “guglie”. This unique decor can be seen by everyone who stays in a hotel near Venice. The bridge is located at Campo San Jeremia, not far from the railway station and the confluence of two famous Venetian canals – the Grand Canal and Cannaregio.

The location of the bridge delle Guglie in Venice is in a convenient point, next to which there are many important objects: St. Lucia railway station, a few meters from the confluence of the Canal Canal in the Grand Canal, a historical monument – the Venetian ghetto, as well as many palazzos and squares.

District of Canareggio, in which the bridge delle Guglie is located, is the most populated area in Venice among the other six districts, and also the second largest. It is also the most northerly area and the Canal of Canareggio was the main transport route for a long time, before the advent of the railway line linking it to the mainland.

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