Gran Canaria – La Luz Port Live cam

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📍 Las Palmas, ES
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A live webcam feed from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s busiest ports and an important hub in the Canary Islands, provides a unique perspective on the place.

Situated on the north-eastern coast of Gran Canaria, this port is famous for its strategic position, being the maritime gateway between Europe, Africa and the Americas. The port handles a variety of cargo types, including containers, petroleum products and general goods, significantly impacting the island’s economy and trade.

Puerto de la Luz is not only a busy commercial port, but also a popular anchorage for cruise ships, attracting visitors wanting to explore Las Palmas and the surrounding area. Infrastructure for tourists has been created inside the port, including shops, restaurants and recreation areas. It is also the starting point for a variety of marine activities and excursions, including boat tours and water sports.

The high-quality webcam showcases the magnificent Avenida Marítima and the active port of Puerto de la Luz, providing a scenic overview of the enchanting area. Watch boats and ships gracefully enter and leave the harbor, adding dynamism to this lively maritime scene.

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