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📍 Maizuru, JP
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The Goro Sky Tower in Japan is a popular tourist destination, attracting attention with its unusual architecture and spectacular views.

The tower is located in a mountainous area, which in itself creates a landscape for an impressive experience. The ascent to the tower begins through a dense forest, which adds even more atmosphere and mystery. The path up is quite steep but well signposted.

The tower itself impresses with its size and architecture. It looks antique and blends in beautifully with the surrounding landscape. Inside there is also something to see – wooden floors, antique windows and traditional patterns on the walls.

The top of the tower offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Kyoto Tower

The construction of the Kyoto Tower caused a lively discussion among the townspeople. Many Kyoto residents, especially intellectuals, have expressed fears that the height of 100 meters, or rather 131 meters together with the spire, will distort the historical image of the ancient Japanese capital. At the same time, other citizens believed that this tower would become a new iconic feature of the city.

The area where the Kyoto Tower now stands was once the location of the main post office. In terms of Australia, this is the center of the city, although in Japan it is considered the palace of the emperor or the castle. Relative to the city center, the area where the Kyoto Tower is erected is called Shimogyo-ku or Shimogyo-ku (下京区).

The concept of “Shimogyo” (Shimogyo/下京) takes us to a story related to the events during the Ōnin War (1467-1477), when Kyoto was divided into southern (Shimogyo) and northern (Kamigyo – Upper Capital). ) parts. This story goes back to the Sengoku period, otherwise known as the Warring States era, when both parts of the city began to develop as two separate societies.

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