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📍 Fujikawaguchiko, JP
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Our camera is aimed directly at the main symbol of Japan-Mount Fuji.

More about the Mountain

Perhaps let’s start with the fact that Mount Fuji is an active volcano with a height of 3776 meters. Fuji is of great importance to the Japanese, the mountain is a place of religious worship. Every year, thousands of pilgrims strive to climb the mountain to meet the dawn and pray to the deities of Kamisama.

The mountain also acquired great importance in the work of the Japanese. The Japanese artist Hokusai has a whole series of engravings “36 views of Mount Fuji”. In 2013, the mountain was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The mountain is perfect for lovers of mountain tourism, the most popular activity is climbing the mountain. The best time to climb is from July to September. It is recommended to allocate 2 days for climbing. Next, we advise you to download a map of the mountain and make a detailed plan of your ascent. The working hours of the starting points of the trail are different, so it is better to think about everything in advance.

There are several options for climbing, start at night would come to the mountain before dawn, there is a day ascent, you can climb during the day and stay in the hut at the 7th or 8th stop that would be on the mountain by dawn. Climbing without adventure takes 12-14 hours. You can also shorten your walk by getting to the stops on the route by bus. If you plan to stay in a hut, you should book it in advance.

Interesting facts

  • Fuji began its formation about ten thousand years ago.
  • The last time Fuji erupted was more than 300 years ago.
  • The mountain is covered with snow for ten months of the year.
  • The most popular resort in Japan is located at the foot of Fuji and is called “5 Lakes of Fuji”.
  • On the routes leading to the mountain, there are paid public toilets.
  • Mount Fuji is a private property.
  • The lowest temperature recorded here is -38 degrees Celsius.

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