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Explore the scenic woodland and bird feeder De Morta in the amazing natural environment of the Biesbosch en Milshoven Nature Reserve in the Dutch province of North Brabant.

This feeding station for bird life in the wild includes a variety of bird species and even a few forest dwellers.

Some of the most common species of birds are: blackbird, rook, common finch, common woodpecker, robin, European cuckoo, black-throated tit, roller tit, finch, starling, fieldfare, magpie, jackdaw, temptress , northern tempter, common spit, common crimson bullfinch, common nest thrush, great tit, jay, short-winged blackbird, wren.

The forest is also home to a variety of forest animals and insects, among which you can see wood mice, voles, martens, red squirrels, slugs and snails, moths and butterflies, toads and frogs, bats, spiders, badgers, spawn, foxes, wild boars, rabbits, voles and weasels, salamanders, grass snakes, vipers, smooth snakes and hedgehogs.

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