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📍 Erbaa, TR
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  • Humidity 💧 59%
  • Clouds 79%
  • Wind 🍃 1.25 km/h
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Erbaa is a city located in the province of Tokat in the Black Sea region of Turkey. This city serves as the administrative center of the Erbaa district. The latest figures for 2022 put the population at 75,210. Erbaa occupies a position on the left bank of the Kelkit River and is surrounded by Erbaa plain, a significant part of which extends in his area.

About one kilometer east-southeast of Erbaa is the archaeological site of Goroztepe.

The etymology of the name “Erbaa” is rooted in Arabic and translates as “four”. According to the official data of the Ottoman Empire, this name began to be used from the beginning of the 18th century. It is also noteworthy that the name was previously used as “Neva-i Erbaa“, which means “four cities”.

This is connected with the historical period when the settlements of Erek, Karayaka, Sonusa and Tashabat, located between Niksar and Amasya, were known together as Neva-i Erbaa, or “four cities”, since they were in the same region and close to each other. Even taxes at that time were conducted in this name. In 1840, the amount of taxes collected from these four cities amounted to 47,243 kurush.

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