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📍 Borisov, BY
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The live webcam allows you to look at the city of Borisov (Belarusian: Barysaў), which is located in the Borisov district of the Minsk region of Belarus and is the administrative center of this area.

The city’s area is 46 km² and its population is 136,409 people (as of 2023). The city is located on the Berezina River, 77 km from Minsk.

In 2002, the city of Borisov celebrated its 900th anniversary.

The first mention of Borisov is found in Lithuanian chronicles in 1102: “In 1102, Prince Boris Vseslavich went to the Yatvingians and, having defeated them, returned and founded a city in his own name…”. The city arose at the confluence of the Skha and Berezina rivers and was named in honor of the Polotsk prince Boris (Rogvold) Vseslavich.

The first mention of the city in the Laurentian Chronicle dates back to 1127, and in the Ipatiev Chronicle – to 1128, as a fortress of the Principality of Polotsk. The first settlement was destroyed by a strong fire, which is confirmed by archaeological excavations. The new city arose on the southern bank, where the Berezina River flows into its tributary, the Skha. In the 12th century, a wooden fortress was built on this site.

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