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📍 Amsterdam, NL
  • Feels like 13.75°C
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  • Clouds 40%
  • Wind 🍃 4.84 km/h
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Amsterdam is a city with amazing European architecture and the capital of the Netherlands.

More than a hundred channels pass through the city, thus dividing the city into 90 Islands. The city originated in the 13th century and was originally a small fishing village, but by the 15th century Amsterdam had become a major trading city in the Netherlands and became part of the Hanseatic League.

Houses in Amsterdam were built on a Foundation of long wooden pillars ,which created a great threat of fires. In the middle of the 15th century, there was a large-scale fire that destroyed half of the city. From the 15th to the 18th century, Amsterdam had a severe land tax. That would not overpay the tax for a wide facade of houses — the Dutch began to build houses in the height and not in the side.

One of the distinctive features of architecture is “crooked houses”, the piles rot over time and the facade of the houses tilts — thanks to the dense construction, the houses do not go under water. The most popular form of transport in the city is bicycles — and there are more bicycles in the city than the residents themselves. By the way, bike paths are wider than pedestrian ones.

On average, each resident travels about 900 km per year.

Interesting facts about Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam is located below the sea level.
  • There are no free Parking spaces in Amsterdam.
  • A Dutchman can grow up to five cannabis bushes — this is stipulated by law.
  • In November, the most unusual festival in the world takes place here: the cannabis festival.
  • Amsterdam residents are considered the tallest in Europe, with an average height of 180 cm for men and 175 to 200 cm for women. There are 51 museums in Amsterdam, with themes ranging from art to marijuana and the history of sex.
  • There are 300 cafes in the city and it is absolutely legal to buy 5mg of light drugs.
  • Amsterdam was the first city to allow same-sex marriage.
  • In the Red light district, it is forbidden to take photos and take photos of the area and establishments.
  • Amsterdam is one of the most multi-ethnic cities in the world, home to more than 177 nationalities.
  • The main office of Greenpeace is located in Amsterdam.
  • The world’s oldest stock exchange is the Amsterdam stock exchange.
  • More than 4 million tourists arrive in Amsterdam every year.
  • Amsterdam has the largest zoo and is home to more than 750 species of animals and more than 300 plants.

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