Xiaowulai Skywalk



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On a PTZ webcam, you can watch the Skywalk glass bridge located at the Xiaowulai Waterfall in Taiwan, China online. This glass bridge is 11 meters and extends over the gorge at a height of 70 meters above the lower water basin of the waterfall. The structure of the bridge is made of tempered glass. In real time, the camera transmits views of both the bridge itself and the upper part of the Xiaowulai waterfall.

On this bridge, you can watch for tourists who boldly step on the glass, and for those who are more cautious.

Sometimes the splashes of water splashed out by the waterfall, interacting with the sun’s rays, form a colorful rainbow, which is also visible in the live broadcast from this webcam with the ability to rotate.

The Skywalk glass suspension bridge and Xiaowulai waterfall are local tourist attractions. And to enjoy them, it is not necessary to take tickets to Taiwan. You can simply turn on this online webcam and enjoy the view of the bridge and waterfall in real time.

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