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📍 Uummannaq, GL
🌤 6.81°C
  • Feels like 4.74°C
  • Humidity 💧 74%
  • Clouds 13%
  • Wind 🍃 2.91 km/h
  • 🌥
  • Wed
  • 🌨

Uummannaq is a town and the administrative center of a former commune of the same name in northern West Greenland, which is now part of the wider Kaasuitsup commune.

On the webcam aimed at the Uummannaq Heliport, you can watch what is happening in this place.

Situated on a 12 km² island north of Disko Island, Umanak is 590 km north of the Arctic Circle, making it the northernmost Greenland ferry terminal.

The city was founded by the Danes in 1763 on the instructions of the colony manager Bruun. From the beginning of coal mining in 1778 in the Kaarsut area and the operation of the marble quarry in Maarmorilik from 1933 to 1971, lead and zinc mining were added until 1990. The production of canned halibut, together with hunting and fishing, is one of the sources of employment for the local population.

In 1935, the architect Helgi Boysen-Miller built the church from granite, although most of the buildings in the city are created in the traditional style from turf. Helicopter flights to Umanak are operated by Air Greenland, as the city itself is too small to provide regular air service.

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