UFG Auckland Trolleys Live cam

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📍 Auckland, NZ
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This HD live stream provides a glimpse into the bustling flower market at United Flower Growers (UFG) in the Auckland region of New Zealand. The trolleys visible on this live feed often transport an assortment of flowers, either filled with blossoms ready for shipment or occasionally seen empty.

United Flower Growers is the largest flower broker in the region, facilitating the marketing and distribution of flowers grown by various cultivators and making a significant contribution to the floral industry in Auckland, New Zealand.

Functioning as a marketplace or auction, UFG allows growers to showcase their products to buyers, ensuring an efficient process for distribution and sales within the region and beyond. Their endeavors play a vital role in enhancing the availability and variety of flowers in local markets.

UFG Wholesale stands as the largest supplier to retailers and wholesalers nationwide, playing a crucial role in meeting the country’s flower demand. With branches in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Invercargill, they contribute significantly to the flower industry’s growth and accessibility.

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