Rundale Castle

Rundale Castle

A significant monument of Latvian architecture. It was the residence of the Dukes of Courland. The castle was built by the famous architect of the Russian court Rastrelli. By the way, this was his first stone palace. He personally signed contracts with carpenters, potters and masons. All Russian craftsmen participated in the construction of the castle. The palace was painted by Russian painters, the finishing materials were made in the St. Petersburg construction office.

Now the palace acts as a museum – and everyone can see the preserved interiors from Gothic to Art Nouveau.

But Rundal Castle is famous not only for the museum but also for the garden located nearby. In the garden, many flowers are planted , a fountain is broken, many benches are installed , a hedge is planted that resembles a maze. The best time to visit Rundale is spring-summer when the flowers are in bloom .

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