Pape Nature Park

Pape Nature Park

Pape National Park is an abundance of beauty of Latvian nature.

The territory of the park is 10,853 hectares, it is in this park that you can see different ecosystems. The Baltic Sea, animal pastures, a small coastal lagoon-type lake.
There is entertainment for everyone in the nature park.
If you are a lover of nature trails, then you should go for a walk along the path of natural processes.
It is here that you will see untouched nature. The route will be 9 kilometers, there are 5 stops lake, forest, meadow, dune and swamp.
Papa Nature Park will also appeal to those who like to watch birds. According to experts, about 277 species of birds live here.
Pastures of wild horses and tours (bulls) are available here for animal lovers.

Pasture visits are paid :The price of a visit:

  • 2 euros (pupils, pensioners, students)
  • 4 euros (adults)
  • 8 euros (family – 2 adults and at least 1 child).

Count on a 2 – kilometer walk in an hour . Choose the appropriate clothes and shoes.
In addition to all of the above, there are many natural and cultural objects for inspection. We recommend setting aside a whole day to explore the park.

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