Lachupite Arboretum and Nature Trail

Lachupite Arboretum and Nature Trail

Not far from Jurmala, about 20 kilometers away, there is a large arboretum park.An ordinary Soviet construction engineer Igor Mednis has grown a whole arboretum here.When Igor went on another business trip, he brought various plants from there.His goal was to diversify the local flora and check whether these beautiful plants will take root in our latitudes.

There are more than 300 species of plants growing in the park. This park attracts, among other things, by the fact that it is partly wild, there are no paved paths and crowds of tourists. But this atmosphere gives you the opportunity to admire almost untouched nature. It is better to come here during the flowering period of rhododendrons ( of which there are a great many) in June.

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